Introduction - Community Help Center Templates To Create Knowledge Article

    Help Center Template Pages

    The Help Center template offers a public-facing, self-service portal where guest users can search your knowledge base for answers to their questions. It reduces the load on your customer support staff and gives customers the satisfaction of finding their own solutions.

    • Included Features
      1. Ready-made template
      2. Guided setup configuration
      3. Publicly accessible
      4. Self-service
      5. Curated—you decide which of your Knowledge articles is shared.


    • Included Pages


    1. Template Pages
    • Home
    • Contact Support
    • Error
    • Search
    • Topic Catalog
    • Topic Detail


    1. Object Pages
    • File Detail
    • File List
    • Related Record List


    1. Content Pages
    • News Detail


    • Before you create your help center, there are a few actions you can take to prepare the way.


    1. Enable Salesforce Knowledge in Your Org
    2. Plan your knowledge base and set up visibility for your data categories
    3. List the topics you intend to cover in your help center
    4. Set up an article layout specifically for your help center
    5. Gather your resources


    • NOTE In Summer ’18, the limits on articles and translation languages for some editions. It’s useful to know for your help center planning.
    • Essentials: 500 Articles, 1 Language
    • Enterprise: 50 K Articles, 5 Languages
    • Unlimited 150 K Articles, 10 Languages



    • SETUP:


    1. Knowledge User must be check. 
    2. Enable Salesforce Knowledge. 
    3. Let’s setup Knowledge Object:
    4. Create a record type.         
    5. Enable topics for Knowledge which is done Setup > Topic for Object > Knowledge > Select fields > Save. Note that this option is only available on classic 
    6. Let’s create some Knowledge records. 
    7. Save.
    8. Now publish the record. 
    9. Likewise, you can create few more records. 
    10. Now its time to add these knowledge articles into our community.  
    11. Go to setup > all communities > click workspace which we created earlier.  
    12. Go to content management. 
    13. Select Topic tab > Navigational Topics > Add New Topics  
    14. Navigate to Feature Topics. And add topics we created above. 
    15. Let’s add picture to our topics. Click on the pencil image coming up next to our topic name and upload the pic. Hit Save. 
    16. Now let move to Article Management wherein will assign our knowledge to articles. And save. 
    17. Its time to add the component to our community. Go to Setup > all communities > Builder. 
    18. Go to Component > Treading Articles. Drag and drop on the page. 
    19. Publish your changes once you are ready to save your work done. 
    20. When we click on a record it appears like below: 


    Author: Vinita Kumari


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