• How do You Manage User Replacement or Mirror User in your Org?

    Do you work in a Salesforce org which has very complex security Model with multiple permission sets ,profiles,roles,public groups, queues. What do you do when some resource replacement comes in or some user has to be mirriored to an existing user?

    Author :Avik Mukherjee

  • Dynamic ComboBox In LWC

    Hi All,

    Please find my POC  on building Dynamic Combobox  in LWC which supports Data injection ,
    hence can be use within existing aura components for performance issues faced when using dealing with larger dataset.

    Author: Somnath Sharma


  • Chain Wire Services in LWC

    We always have a requirement where we need to pass data from one function to be consumed by another function.The question here is how do we do it using wire services in LWC.We all know wire services are reactive.We call the wire service reactive in part because it supports reactive variables, which are prefixed with $.

    Author:Somnath Sharma

  • Maps in LWC

    Hi All,

    Today we will learn to creates a new instance of the Map class and populates it with the passed-in list of sObject records. The keys are populated with the sObject IDs and the values are the sObjects. Once that is done we will display the kay value pair using a Lightning DataTable.

    Author:Somnath Sharma


  • Dynamic LookUp Filters based on RecordEdit Form in LWC

    Hi All,

    Today we will  learn how to create lookup filters based on record edit form in LWC .The solution is very useful in scenarios where custom lookup Aura componets have been developed to achieve similar functionality and can serve as a viable replacemnet ,thereby avoiding server calls and avoiding several lines of code writen on client side to achieve similar functionality.

    Author:Somnath Sharma


  • Passing a List from Lightning Flow to Aura component

    Hi Guys,

    Have you ever encountered an error while passing a List as an attribute from lightning Flow to an aura component, we might have just the solution for you. Check out the blog to find out more.

    Author: Rahul Khurana

  • LWC Lead Duplicate

    In this blog we will learn to find  duplicate  Leads.By changing the object API reference we can use it for other objects.

    Author: Avik Mukherjee

  • Build Dynamic Paths Using Picklist Values Lightning Web Components Salesforce

    Build Dynamic Paths based on Picklist values for a given record type in LWC and guess what it is all Apex Less..

    Author: Somnath Sharma

  • Continuation in Aura and LWC Salesforce

    Hi All,

    Today we are going to create Asynchronus Call outs for Aura and Lightning web components.I am going to share the Apex Methods for that. Please remind that I have user a method overloading of Callback method, which is currently required for Test Coverage.The Test Framework expects that the Callback method is paramterless. Howover the callback methiod Needs a Object parameter.

    Author:Sukhdeb Das 

  • Flows in Lightning Web Components

    Hi All, In this blog we are going to show you how you can call a flow from your lightning component.

    Author: Somnath Sharma